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No SETTFest for 2013

I am sorry to report that the originators of the South East Texas Tomato Festival (SETTFest) are no longer able to operate this event. And despite a plentitude of motivated gardeners in and around Central and Southeast Texas, all attempts to pass on the event (even temporarily) to other individuals have been unsuccessful.

If you are interested in helping with a SETTFest event for 2014, please contact me by e-mail at morgan (at) and I will forward you my “How to Survive a Tomato Tasting” guide. It’s 4 pages long and you can then decide if you can dedicate yourself to a few hours work to help put on an event. I think going forward, SETTFest needs to be a TEAM effort of 3-4 individuals who will step up and make sure an event happens, rather than shouldering the responsibility onto a single person who can be tied up by real life events.

All told, it takes approximately 10 man (or woman) hours to schedule the event, pick a venue, arrange a pavilion/park/other location, purchase paper goods and other supplies, drive to the venue, set up, and tear down. With two people, it’s very manageable. I will even update the website and post the announcements for you.

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South East Texas Tomato Festival 2012

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we did not have a SETTFest event this year. When we have more information about a potential 2013 event, or perhaps regional events, we’ll post news here at

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SETTFest 2011 a Huge Success

A new venue for our 5th annual SETTFest brought with it a much larger crowd and more tomatoes for everyone to try out! We lost count at 70 people in attendance, and also saw a welcome increase in the number of tomatoes brought by different people, which gave us the unique opportunity to compare the same varieties grown in different gardens.

Our mission is to introduce heirloom tomatoes to Central and South Texas gardeners and farmers alike, dispel the myths that only ‘heat setter’ varieties can be grown here, and offer advice and seeds wherever we can. So it was great to see folks asking lots of questions (including a few stumpers!), gathering seeds, and talking shop.

View photos of the 2011 SETTFest!

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SETTFest 2010 Sizzling Flavors

The 4th annual South East Texas Tomato Festival (SETTFest) was our third visit to picturesque Washington on the Brazos state park. Despite the unrelenting heat, it’s still a great venue to hold this event. This year, the date (June 19th, 2010) coincided very nearly with Father’s Day. We’re very thankful to any families that had to do without tomato-loving dads for a few hours.

As always, we caught up with old friends, and saw folks who traveled from far and wide. We had visitors from San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Louisiana, El Paso, TX (a 680 mile drive), and the furthest travelers were from California and Oregon!

We are thrilled that more and more folks are bringing tomatoes and other items as well. This year, we saw a marked increase in the number of growers bringing tomatoes. An event like this works best when there are several providers of tomatoes. There was also a nice spread of cheeses, breads, and an ever-evolving pasta salad put together from fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the event.

View photos of the 2010 SETTFest!

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30 Minute Pasta Sauce

When I first heard of making spaghetti sauce in less than 30 minutes, I was skeptical. The classic spaghetti sauces, such as Pasta Bolognese that my mother used to make took hours. But with the availability of intensely-flavored heirloom tomatoes from my garden, it was time to take inspiration from America’s Test Kitchen and see what was possible in 30 minutes. The result is, in my opinion, fresh, zesty, and flavorful and a perfect accompaniment to most any type of pasta.



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